Referral Program get 10% off your Session

Earn rewards!

Would you like to Earn rewards for inviting your friends? Would you like your friends to get a 10% discount on their photography session?

Join my referral rewards program!

1st Milestone

What did you do? 1 of your friends successfully booked a photography session.

Reward: 10% off a Photography Session

2nd Milestone

What did you do? 3 of your friends sucessfully booked a photography session.

Reward: Half off a Photography Session

3rd Milestone

What did you do? 5 of your friends successfully booked a photography session!

Reward: Free 1 hour Photography Session

Ok. So here are the rules: Every time you refer a friend and they successfully book a session with me you get a referral credit. All your friend has to do is give me your NAME so that I know you were the one that sent them over and they will also receive a 10% off from their photography session. So its a win win for everyone! Yeiii

Your 1st milestone is when you get a successful first referral. This means that your friend successfully booked their photography session with us. Your 2nd milestone is when you accumulate 3 successful referrals and your 3rd milestone is when you get to your 5 successful friend referrals. At this point you can get a Free Photography Session for yourself. Once you reach a milestone it voids out the ones that you reached before so if you got the 3rd milestone and you can now get a Free Photography Session, the 1st and 2rd milestones don’t apply anymore. Get it? You can refer as many friends as you want and whenever you accumulate 5 successful friend referrals you will always get a free 1 hour photography session for yourself.

This is just my way of saying “Thank You” to you. I am look forward to giving you lots of perks and rewards for your help and as always I appreciate your support. So what are you waiting for? Help me spread the word!

This is a sharable digital flyer. Feel free to download and use it if you’d like.