About Me

Elizabeth Ramirez


         The first thing you have to know about me is that I love art.  I have always loved painting and drawing and have always felt I was pretty talented and gifted at it.  Because of circumstances of life I stopped feeling inspired to create for a very long 10 years of my life.  A couple years ago I started to feel the urge again to express myself creatively and my view and interpretation of the beauty in the world around me.  So I kinda just stumbled unto the world of photography.  Photography became my paintbrush, and I learned how to paint with light…  
       But I am not just a photographer.  I am also a mother of two amazing children and one crazy Shih-tzu.  I love eating and living healthy and enjoy practicing Yoga, Biking and Tae Kwon Do.  Amongst other things.  
       As of now I enjoy exploring the beautiful Texas Hill Country where I live and am working on perfecting my photography craft on my free time as well as working as a photographer.
       I will forever be grateful for the eyes I have, for with them I am able to see…